What We Do

Depending on the situation and the scope of the project a range of actions may be necessary.   However our experience has shown that it is crucial that the entire chain is assessed and relevant actions identified to provide solutions at each level.  For all potential clients we would expect to  undertake an assessment of the existing staff capability, structure, and systems; and will provide a free quotation to implement this new innovative integrated approach with a time plan.

Strategic level

  • Lead thinking
  • Frame strategy and corporate objectives
  • Identify and target priorities
  • Design and implement monitoring and measurement systems
  • Build capacity at leadership and political level


  • Assist with policy production and deliver needs assessment
  • Build capacity for implementation
  • Host and facilitate workshops and seminars


  • Facilitate partnerships
  • Develop and test practical solutions
  • Provide expert assistance and practical services
  • Introduce and embed tools and practices as required
  • Deliver capacity building programmes delivered using online video techniques and one to one monitoring.
  • Provide a range of proven online tools such LM3, Impact Manager, and the Procurement Cupboard to provide continuing support and embed consistent practice