Impact Measurement ™

Impact Measurement ™ delivers a range of products and services for social, economic, and environmental benefit. All of the products are integrated to produce a complete solution for private, public and third sector organisations needing to improve their supply chain management and corporate performance.

We do this by:

•   Leading thinking
•   Turning policy into practice
•   Developing models and tools to assess and assist implementation
•   Using innovation as a catalyst to deliver change

Our focus is on the delivery of practical, cost effective, outcome focused solutions that enable the translation of policy into practice; and by doing so to deliver objective and auditable evidence of beneficial impact to communities from the change that results.

To be effective we embed both cultural and operational change within and across sectors. We recognise that change has to be implemented at every level from strategic thinking to policy implementation and embedded practice. All elements of sustainable practice need to be in place and different levels need different skills and tools to help to embed beneficial change.